Leather and fabric sofas

MaxDivani Sofa Upholstery – Our craftsmen select and sew by hand the finest materials to produce exclusive Italian sofas.



The choice of upholstery is the meeting between the style of those who give life to the living room and the style of those who will live it, for this reason we create the Maxdivani upholstery with the aim of offering a variety of possibilities ready to meet every taste or requirement.

The selection of materials for the upholstery of the sofas in leather and fabric is complemented by carefully crafted work of cutting and sewing by master Maxdivani upholsterers who are the added value that only a fully Made in Italy package can offer.

Upholstery for Leather Sofas

The leather sofa Maxdivani models are designed to blend style and practicality. The finest leather is treated to preserve the maximum softness and naturalness ensuring durability and versatility.

Protected Leather

Easy to use and to maintain, it is ideal for those who see the sofa as a safe place in a rapid and dynamic life. It is covered by a thin protective layer which is able to protect it from stains, combining the advantages of naturalness and softness with good resistance to wear and fading.

Semi-Protected Leather

A greater delicacy which corresponds to a higher preservation of naturalness. The texture shows the original characteristics, offering unique features to the sight and maximum softness to the touch.

Natural Leather

Veining, wrinkles, grain differences are discernible on this type of leather authenticating the careful conservation work of the original values of this leather. Each mark is a feature that proves the genuineness and the great quality of the leather and workmanship.

rivestimenti divani in tessuto

Upholstery for Fabric Sofas

For the upholstery of our fabric sofas, we make a careful selection of the most natural flax, cotton, wool and viscose fibres, with the aim of achieving a well-balanced combination of elegance and practicality.

Most of the Exclusive Collection models are designed to be either completely or partially removed, so you can live in a prestigious living room with the weightlessness of everyday life.

All the Maxdivani upholstery fabric is accompanied by clear care labels with washing instructions to ensure that the natural fibres maintain their softness and naturalness over time.