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A race which arrives right to the finish line of excellence

The Made in Italy sofas by Maxdivani are the result of a passionate passing of the baton between designers, engineers, carpenters, blacksmiths and upholsterers. Each person plays a significant role, putting all their creative and operational potential into the company to create a product which has been thoroughly tested to be durable and comfortable, enjoyable and defined, following the tradition but gazing towards the future.

and Planning

Our handmade sofas are created from the original ideas of our designers. Professionals of style imagine welcoming lines from which the elegance of the classics and the encouragement from modern trends arise.

This skillful balance is maintained thanks to the intervention of designers who interpret the ideas into 3D visualizations. Here, the images begin to take shape, materializing into those prototypes which after being thoroughly tested and modified, reach the highest standards of comfort and stability, becoming the emblem of Made in Italy sofas.

and Upholstery

The project continues to pass onto the experience of the master carpenters who are entrusted with the creation of the wooden framing.

The supporting skeleton of our handmade sofas are assembled by hand, consequently a soft core is modelled onto the single specimen models, creating a balance between polyurethane foam and goose-feather filling to ensure maximum comfort.

Cutting and Sewing
of the Upholstery

The selection of leather and fabrics, the treatment process and sewing operations become particularly important when you are aware that a unique and original outfit is being crafted from a project which has been produced from hard work, study of forms and passion for detail.

The care that the designers and craftsmen of Maxdivani dedicate to creating the upholstery of the sofas which are completely Made in Italy, allow to create models that can leave an unmistakable sign in any environment.

At the end of the various stages of production, the handmade Maxdivani sofas are ready for the last stage of their winning race: cutting the finish line of excellence arriving into your homes.s